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Bunda Hospital Group

Bunda Hospital Group is part of PT Bundamedik Tbk, which is a holding company for providing health services with modern medical technology.

RSIA Bunda Jakarta is the forerunner of PT Bundamedik Tbk which has been serving the community since 1973.

By expanding, RSIA Bunda Jakarta is developing a collaboration with Repromed Queen Elizabeth Australia in IVF technology in Indonesia, currently called Morula IVF Indonesia.

Expansion and innovation continue to be carried out as an effort to develop the business pillars of PT Bundamedik Tbk, by building and acquiring hospitals and clinics.

Innovation continues to be carried out with various developments through superior service facilities. One of its superior services is Robotic Surgery which is the first in Indonesia for minimally invasive surgery in an integrated and comprehensive manner. Other excellent services it has are Bunda Heart center, Brain & spine, Neuro Centre, radiodiagnostic center, RSM Oncology, DSA.

Now from Bunda Hospital Group already has several Hospitals and Clinics including:

Morula IVF Indonesia

Morula IVF Indonesia is part of the PT Bundamedik Tbk which focuses on developing the fertility clinic “Morula IVF” in Indonesia. In the development of the PT Bundamedik Tbk, in 1997 established the Morula Fertility Clinic, which has now changed its name to Morula IVF Jakarta, has become one of the largest fertility clinics in Indonesia with the increase in patients joining the IVF program every year with growth rates. 30% per year.

Realizing the high need for fertility program services that are of good standard and produce good outcomes, the PT Bundamedik Tbk is committed to continuing to develop Morula IVF fertility clinics in Indonesia under the umbrella of “Morula IVF Indonesia”, which up to now has 10 Morula IVF clinics.

  • Morula IVF Jakarta
  • Morula IVF Padang
  • Morula IVF Margonda
  • Morula IVF Surabaya
  • Morula IVF Melinda Bandung
  • Morula IVF Pontianak
  • Morula IVF Makassar
  • Morula IVF Yogjakarta
  • Morula IVF Tangerang
  • Morula IVF Ciputat

Diagnos Laboratory

Diagnos Laboratory is part of PT Bundamedik Tbk. Diagnos Laboratory is present as a community need, which stands with a clear vision and mission. We provide high quality, reliable, and consistent laboratory services to all Diagnostics partners and customers. Our Commitment “Diagnos Laboratory is born from the expectations of a qualified, complete and patient-oriented laboratory”

The products and services of Diagnos Laboratory include Clinical Laboratory, Genomics Laboratory (NIPT, PGT-A, PGT-M, Circle DNA), Homecare Diagnostics, Examination of SARS – Cov – 2

Until now, the Diagnos Laboratory has had several clinics, including:

  • Diagnos Jakarta
  • Diagnos Ciputat
  • Diagnos Denpasar
  • Diagnos Padang
  • Diagnos Makassar
  • RSIA Bunda Jakarta (Outlet)
  • RSU Bunda Jakarta (Outlet)
  • RSU Bunda Margonda (Outlet)
  • MORULA IVF Jakarta (Outlet)
  • MORULA IVF Margonda (Outlet)
  • MORULA IVF Tangerang (Outlet)
  • BIC Pacific Place Jakarta (Outlet)
  • BIC Vida Bekasi (Outlet)
  • RSIA Bunda Denpasar (Outlet)
  • RSU Grha Bhakti Medika (Outlet)
  • RS Jasmine Batam (Outlet)
  • RS Grha Yasmine (Outlet)
  • Klinik Utama Ibu & Anak Jasmine MQ Medika (Outlet)
  • Klinik Bona Mitra Keluarga (Outlet)
  • Klinik Shalom (Outlet)
  • Klinik Kizuna (Outlet)
  • Sari Pacific Hotel (SWAB Center)
  • Edelweiss Hospital (SWAB Center)
  • RSU Asri Purwakarta (SWAB Center)
  • Klinik BIP (SWAB Center)

Bunda Global Pharma

Bunda Global Pharma is a Pharmaceutical Wholesaler that already has the operational license, and CDOB and CDAKB certificates. Since 2017, initially PT. Bunda Global Pharma (BGP) was established as the Central Purchasing of Pharmaceutical and Medical Devices from PT Bundamedik Tbk. As time went by, PT. Bunda Global Pharma continues to develop into a distributor of pharmaceutical and medical devices for variety of needs.

The high demand for pharmaceutical and medical devices made PT. Bunda Global Pharma formed special Marketing Team to be able to continue serving customers outside PT Bundamedik Tbk. Continuous integration between stock availability, Marketing team, and excellent service make PT. Bunda Global Pharma consistent in going forward and establishing direct partnerships with the pharmaceutical and medical devices manufacturing industry, both domestic and international. We are dedicated to contribute to the growth of the pharmaceutical and medical devices business in Indonesia, in order to improve national health and safety.

ER (Emergency Response) - Indonesia

ER Indonesia is a subsidiary of PT Bundamedik Tbk. ER Indonesia is a medical evacuation service for critical patients who need fast and safe transportation by a professional medical team. Our main service is domestic and international referral using ground or air ambulance for infant, child and adult patients. ER Indonesia consists of a team of highly dedicated trained doctors, nurses and ambulance drivers with fully equipped ambulances.

  • Neonatal & Children Emergency Transport
  • Critical Care Emergency Transport
  • Ambulance Service
  • On-Call Doctor
  • Home Health Care
  • First Aid Training

BMHS Diklat Indonesia

BMHS Diklat Indonesia is part of PT Bundamedik Tbk, which is a holding holding health services with modern medical technology.

BMHS Diklat Indonesia is engaged in nursing training in Indonesia. Innovation continues to be carried out with various developments through superior service facilities.

services from BMHS Diklat Indonesia include BTCLS Training, ACLS Training, Anesthesia Nurse Training, Training, Preceptorship, ASESOR Training, Laparoscopic Training, Baby Sitter Training.

The Bunda Diklat Indonesia is at the Atlanta Residence Building, 5th Floor, Margonda.

Prima Dental Medika

Prima Dental is part of PT Bundamedik Tbk, which is a holding of health service providers with modern medical technology.

Prima Dental is engaged in the maintenance and health of teeth. Innovation continues to be carried out with various developments through superior service facilities.

Prima Dental is at RSU Bunda Jakarta.

IMTB (Indonesia Medical Tourism Board)

IMTB (Indonesia Medical Tourism Board) is an agency that facilitates and promotes Indonesia’s health care travel industry by coordinating industries, build and create valuable public-private partnerships, at home and abroad.

Research shows that a big percentage of the affluent market in Indonesia prefers to use medical services. Singapore. Malaysia, Korea, and Europe are among the popular medical destinations for Indonesian. Aside from the medical competence and facilities, those medical destinations also offer appealing traveling experiences.

In IMTB, we believe that Indonesia has so much to offer in terms of medical competence and traveling experience. IMTB was founded to enable people to access reputable medical services and facilities while enjoying the exquisite traveling experience in Indonesia.

Daima Norwood Menteng

Daima Norwood Menteng is part of PT Bundamedik Tbk, which is a holding holding health services with modern medical technology.

Daima Norwood Menteng in the hospitality sector. Innovation continues to be carried out with various developments through superior service facilities.

Daima Norwood Menteng is located on Jl. Teuku Cik Ditiro II No. 2 Menteng – Central Jakarta